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This is the unofficial Globulation 2 host for the RPM, SRPM and SPEC file. The Official website is located at

(Screenshot) A Colony under heavy attack Globulation 2 is a Realtime Strategy Game with a different approach on micromanagement, because instead of clicking on dozens, maybe hundreds of individual units to order them to do something, the developers tried to create a "free will" for the units. There is a tutorial mode for those that are just starting to play the game.

The game is still on development (like almost any GPL game), but it is nice. The bad part is that the music is repetitive.

The download links:
FileMD5 Sum
SPEC File (Syntax highlighted version)44b03644554ecd1a81b0c28eeaa9e22f
SRPM File2fbff779c18079205367c3e7300ccb60
i386 Binary RPM File049c47a4f989a329c4994d188934d1f8
i386 DebugInfo RPM1b7dcf35041567d22810dfb9a73cddac
This program has a review request at redhat's bugzilla as bug #191005
Last updated: 2006-08-04 2045Z
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